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Joe Hendel presentsĀ AVoid2Remembr

April 17 | 8:45pm

April 28 | 8:45pm

April 29 | 8pm

“AVoid2Remembr” is an experimental video/theatre performance based on Jean Racine’s Andromache, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Greek Mythology, and the Security State. Join us as we mangle inputs through our glitched-out audio/visual system.

Director: Joe Hendel
Orestes: Will Clark
Hermione: Coco Conroy
Video by Suchan Vodoor
Costumes by Aviva Jobin-Lee

Performed in Three Parts
“Orestes Night” ā€” Sunday, April 17 @ 8:45 pm
“Hermione Night” ā€” Thursday, April 28 @ 8:45 pm
“Orestes & Hermione Night” ā€” Friday, April 29 @ 8:00 pm