Leisure Time, an Exhibition by Christian Little

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Leisure Time, an Exhibition by Christian Little

Please join us:

A soft opening during The Silent Barn’s Open House, “Silent OH!,” September 12th from 2-6 pm.

A Closing party on Friday September 25th from 8-10 pm


Title:Point Productions are honored to release the second exhibition in their new venue and art gallery, Vital Joint, housed in The Silent Barn. Leisure Time, is a compilation of bodies of work by New York based artist, designer and Creative Director Christian Little.

Little’s paintings examine a voyeur culture preoccupied with sex, body image, drama and the lives of others. Influenced by American class structure, painting processes, 1980’s “new media” culture, illustration, and design, Little uses trompe l’oeil and faux-finish decorative painting techniques rarely employed by contemporary artists to encourage a self-conscious artifice that allows objects and spaces embrace and resist their inherent lack of dimension. On a two dimensional surface, Little paints optical illusions with surreal, elegant textures.

His work is simultaneously erotic and sterile, stiff and fluid, analytic and absurd, representational and abstract, actual and artificial. It maintains a departure from perceived reality while giving the impression that it is mimicking tangible things and places. Like a set on daytime or reality TV, pornography or a commercial, his paintings allude to, yet are removed from, the “real world”.