YouTube Premiere of Post:Death

Aug 27, 2020

The Brick YouTube Channel

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Title:Point presents


directed by Theresa Buchheister

written by Title:Point’s Ensemble of Collaborators ‘

I’d dreamt of a landscape I doubted I would find, but over the hand-laid rails and in the just quiet forest past World’s End, an ambient and open peace.’

Post:Death is a madcap meditation on nature’s most hilarious joke: Mortality. Listen: We all need to believe in something. Listen: We all need things to get better. Listen: Nobody knows what to say to a friend at a funeral. We get it and man, it is really coming down out there. Post:Death is the sequel and no doubt completely satisfying sequel to the show the New York Times called “Plotless!”, Everything of Any Value.

Produced by Title:Point

Featuring: Justin Anselmi, Warren Chao, Lauren Dortch-Crozier, Ryan William Downey, Abigail Beth Entsminger, Devon Wade Granmo, Alyse Lamb, Aaron LaRoche, Scott M Ries, Adriana Rossetto, Ilana Stuelpner.

Written by Title:Point

Projection Design by Scott M Ries Set

Props Design by Abigail Entsminger

Sound Design by Ryan William Downey

Direction by Theresa Buchheister

Originally performed at The Brick Sept-Oct 2018

Filmed and Edited by Jon Burklund of Zanni Productions

Premiering August 27, 2020 8pm EST at The Brick YouTube Channel, link below.