Title:Point Presents Sleeping Car Porters

Dec 05, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019

The Brick

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  • poster by Mark Toneff

Title:Point Presents

Sleeping Car Porters

It’s just that sometimes the moon makes me lonely is all. Maybe sometimes I guess it’d be better with no moon at all. Just the dark.

Title:Point’s Sleeping Car Porters is a pitch black comedy that explores western masculine myth through a phantasmagoria of power, violence, and mystery. Two characters, Billy the Kid and Zodiac, must navigate an unforgiving landscape that forces them to reveal themselves to one another while coming to terms with their destructive nature.

Written by Ryan William Downey

Directed by Ryan William Downey and Title:Point

Stage Managed and Prop Design by Devon Wade Granmo

Projection Design by Scott M Ries

Set Design by Abigail Entsminger

Lighting Design by Brian Lady

Sound Design by Ryan William Downey

Poster/Image – Mark Toneff

Program Layout and Design – Chrissy Reilly


Zodiac – Ryan William Downey

Billy the Kid – Theresa Buchheister

Betty Lou/Fata Morgana/Sandy – Nadia Pinder

David/Horse/Don – Justin Anselmi

Stranger – Shahryar Motia

Voice – DJ Mendel

Dakota Kirke- Kegan Zema

Authority Ghosts:
Buster Brown – Brian Lady
Grizzly Madam – Scott M Ries
Ole Long Legs – Devon Wade Granmo
Arbuckle – Abigail Entsminger

Thurs, December 5, 8pm
Fri, December 6, 8pm
Sat, December 7, 2pm and 8pm
Sun, December 8, 2pm and 8pm
Tues, December 10, 8pm
Weds, December 11, 8pm
Thurs, December 12, 8pm
Fri, December 13, 8pm
Sat, December 14, 8pm