The Wild Boys by William S. Borroughs

Jun 15, 2013

Silent Barn

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Title: Point Productions and The Silent Barn proudly invite you to a kaleidoscopic reading and immersive performance of William S Burroughs’ ‘The Wild Boys’ in 3 evermoving clockwork parts.

Maps and Instructions provided at entry.


++++++++++A LIVE READING+++++++++++++++++

of William S. Burroughs novel, ‘The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead’ inside apt. 3R


Ryan William Downey
Jeff Stark
Luis Moreno
Fil Vocasek
Tom Picasso
Steve Laing
Rob Granniss
Theresa Buchheister
Harrison David Rivers
Jeff Jones
Gregory Thrasher

(Extra special pinata by MARTHA)


+++++++++++CUBIST FEAST++++++++++++++++++

A decadent Burroughs feast prepared by Dale Buchheister and G Lucas Crane inside Silent Barn’s Hawkitori Dinner Club in apt 2R, accompanied by a tape loop sound design from G Lucas Crane.

Donations for food encouraged.


++++++++DREAM MACHINE ROOM+++++++++

Please prepare to dream while awake.

w/ sound design from Scott Ries.

featuring Shane Donnelly

++++++++Orchestrated by Title:Point++++++++


Begin the evening by taking in a special screening of Yony Leyser’s documentary film, ‘William S. Burroughs: A Man Within’ provided by the film’s director. Join us anytime from 7-9 in apt. 3R.

+++Artwork by Mark Toneff

++++++++THERE NOT BE A BAR++++++++++++

There is no dress code, but audience members are encouraged to wear ties, vests, glasses. Key pieces will be available for those who are game.

Altered states encouraged.

Please open your third eye.


“The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead is a novel written by Beat Generation author William S. Burroughs. It was first published in 1971 by Grove Press. It depicts a homosexual youth movement whose objective is the downfall of western civilisation, set in an apocalyptic late twentieth century.”