The Outsiders: A Drag King Reading

Oct 05, 2014

Silent Barn

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In a new take on the classic, controversial young adult novel by S.E. Hinton, Theresa Buchheister/Title:Point and local writer/curator Eric Nelson, in conjunction with famed DIY venue The Silent Barn will host the first all drag king marathon reading of The Outsiders. The event will take place on Sunday, October 5 at 1pm at The Silent Barn. Admission is free.

While the gripping tale of Sodapop and Johnny unfolds in late 60’s Tulsa amidst a tumultuous background of class warfare, audience members will be privy to an event with a twist that’s come to be expected from The Silent Barn. The event will include timely refreshments such as beer, sodapop and bologna sandwiches, along with a chocolate cake contest judged by the coordinators, music from the film performed live and more.

This event was assembled as both a response to marathon readings as well as the historical context of the book’s publication, in which writer S.E. Hinton, at her publisher’s insistence, wrote the book under her initials out of fear of dismissal by male literary critics. The novel has since been both banned and celebrated, becoming part of the curriculum for middle and high schools across the nation.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in the gender of their choice from either side of the tracks. Hair grease and white t-shirts will be available.

Jami Attenberg
Blake E. Bolan
Jessica Bruder
Lynsey G
Maris Kreizman
Margaret O’Sullivan
Niina Pollari
Nina Mashurova
Paula Bomer
Lydia Wilson
Virginia Vitzthum
Theresa Buchheister
Xavier Rice
Averyn Mackey

Brandon Perry

Nina Mashurova
Eric Nelson
Theresa Buchheister