The Mind King by Richard Foreman

Sep 25, 2014 - Oct 04, 2014

The Silent Barn

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Two men in a mechanical room claim to be ‘The Mind King.’ A silent lady in the shadows pulls the strings on a live surveillance feed as they explore all manners of hopes, fears, anxieties, and emotions. They delve deep into the duality of human existence cracking open the conscious and unconscious in a hectic 60 minute romp full of complex language, poetic movement and vaudevillian tendencies.

Directed by Theresa Buchheister
Featuring the artwork of Mark Toneff

Ryan William Downey (The Angel)
J.R. Rose (Paul)
Melody Balczon (Anna Marie)

Artist Statement:

In the past decade or so I’ve come to regard drawing, painting, creating in general as a release of this sort of darkness that sticks to my innards. And I can picture this darkness flowing out from me, through my brush-or whatever- and away, clean and clear.

To not create is a mistake and the darkness builds up over time like moss and I will sink lower unless I draw or paint myself back out to unclog my workings.

A purge or bloodletting.

To balance my humors and remove some of my plethoras.

After a purge like this I feel much better and am always surprised at what came out. Over time, common themes have been appearing in my work unconsciously and a larger theme has been forming; a sinister alternate realm full of people and monstrous things, sounds, machinery, customs, demons, words, animals and oddities that spill out of me without my prior planning.

The view inside my head.

Ive unloaded a great amount of noise crowding myself to these walls.


Mark Toneff is a painter, illustrator, collage artist, sign-painter, writer, hermit-musician and resident artist for Title:Point Productions. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Bria and 2yr old son Max.

Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman