The Exponential Festival Panel

Jan 16, 2016

The Silent Barn

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This is a panel.
A really killer panel.

The main impulse for this discussion is bringing together the venue curators and owners (who most often are also great artists) and the folks that are making art in New York to talk about realities, goals, dreams, frustrations, questions, etc. As we all know, running venues in New York is crazy hard. Making theatre in New York is crazy hard. But, we still persist, because there are obviously great aspects to doing so.

Moderated by Andrew Dinwiddie (CATCH).

Featuring artists, curators, venue owners in conversation about making art in New York. Panelists include Darian Dauchan (Black Sheep), Alec Duffy (JACK/Hoi Polloi), Michael Gardner (The Brick Theater), Caleb Hammons (CATCH), David Herskovits (Target Margin), Kirstin Kapustik (Chez Bushwick), Sue Kessler (The Bushwick Starr), Katie Melby (Cloud City/Bread Arts Collective), and Moe Yousuf (Target Margin).