SalON!: RIP (for now)

Aug 26, 2017

Vital Joint

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It’s Title:Point’s monthly array of sights and delights, and August is our 3 yr anniversary and our final SalON!.

It has been a weird and wonderful 3 years and I (Theresa) have seen and heard things at SalON! for which I am deeply grateful.
I have also been thoroughly entertained, educated, and shocked.
Thank you for presenting and attending, friends!

We hope to do an annual SalON!-type thing and encourage everyone else to do their own version!

*We are also hosting a gallery-style show for the amazing Walter Wlodarczyk, who has blown our minds every month for over a year with his Month in Photos.

This is an economy of magic, folks — good fortune and good fun await. We are here to fill the pockets of your mind with wealths of theater, story, image, information, knowledge, sound and nightmare.

Peter Mills Weiss (STORY)
Walter Wlodarczyk (PHOTO)
Blake Bolan (MUSIC)
Boom Bat Gesture (PERFORMANCE)
Harold Lehmann (LIVING NOVEL)
Emilyn Kowaleski (PERFORMANCE)
Julia Mounsey (POEMS)
Wendy Carlos Williams (SOUNDS)
Emily Calderalo (DANCE)
Dan Howell (LECTURE)
David Pym (VIDEO)
Mia Schachter (SCULPTURE)
Nick Walther (PERFORMANCE)
Laura Ornella (PERFORMANCE)
Adam Endres (MYSTERY)
Sophie Weisskoff (MORE MYSTERY)
Cameron Kelly (TAROT/PHOTO)
Jaime Wright (IN PERSON)
and moreā€¦

(g)Hosted by CATFOX

Curated by Theresa Buchheister, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, and Peter Mills Weiss

Vital Joint – 109 Meserole Street (not Avenue!)
Saturday, August 26 | Doors at 8:00pm
$7-$10 sliding scale

Merriam-Webster definition of “salon”:
a fashionable assemblage of notables (as literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person.

Welcome to our home. Notables will be provided.