SalON!: Less Is More

Apr 18, 2016

The Silent Barn

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It’s Title:Point’s monthly array of sights and delights, and April is gonna more or less make things less or more. This is an economy of magic, folks — good fortune and good fun await. We are here to fill the pockets of your mind with wealths of theater, story, image, information, knowledge, sound and nightmare.



-Blake Bolan/Theresa Buchheister/Sarah Graalman (Pssy Prty Tho)

-Dale Buchheister (Chefly Tips)

-Caitlin Bebb (Surprise Surprise)

-Eileen Stevens (Singies)

-Bob Laine (PoemPerformance)

-Pioneers Go East Collective (GEMINI stars {[Real vloggers & (self-identify)] + [who decides on banning people from coming out (?)]})

-Walter Woldarczyk (Live Photos)

-Peter Mills Weiss (Always a Mystery and a Surprise)


(g)Hosted by CATFOX (song imp)


Curated by Theresa Buchheister & Catrin Lloyd-Bollard


Mon, April 18 | Doors at 8pm | Show at 8:30pm

$7-$10 sliding scale

The Silent Barn – 603 Bushwick