SalON!: It’s a Little Dark

Mar 25, 2016

Gravesend Recordings

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It’s Title:Point’s monthly array of sights and delights, and March is gonna embrace the darkness. This is an economy of magic, folks — good fortune and good fun await. We are here to fill the pockets of your mind with wealths of theater, story, image, information, knowledge, sound and nightmare.



Joe Hendel (Mind Prodding)

Dale Buchheister (Chefly Tips)

Aron Canter (Bodies and Sounds)

Tim Platt (You’ll See…)

Kym Bernazky (Live Performance)

Sarah Graalman (Live Stories)

Walter Woldarczyk (Live Photos)

Benjamin Stopek (Who Knows!?)

Peter Mills Weiss (Always a Mystery and a Surprise)

and more…


(g)Hosted by CATFOX (song imp)


Curated by Theresa Buchheister & Catrin Lloyd-Bollard


Fri, March 25 | Doors at 8pm | Show at 8:30pm

$7-$10 sliding scale

Gravesend Studio in The Silent Barn – 13 Stanwix


Merriam-Webster definition of “salon”:

a fashionable assemblage of notables (as literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person.


Welcome to our home. Notables will be provided.