SalON!: Everything is Working

Oct 29, 2015

HB Studio Playwrights Theatre

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Our friends at HB Studio in the West Village are hosting this month’s Title:Point salON! in their theatre. Title:Point’s monthly mixture! A smattering of happenings in time and space, sensations for your eyes and ears and tongues to delight and enlight and surprise and confuse you. A variety of sharings from a variety of people for a variety of people. A safe space for scary times.



– David Grollman & Colleen McCarthy (EPITAPHS: An improvised reading of 31 poems in ten minutes or less)

– Sara Emily Kuntz (poet)

– Wendy Carlos Williams (a wo/man opening a map like a menu)

– David Deblinger (solo theater)

– Future Husband (video: IKEA DOMESTIC)

– Peter Mills Weiss (hopefully)

– Dale Buchheister (Decedant Dale’s chef tips)

-Justin Anselmi (Bed Bug)

-Jaime Lutz (comedy)

-David Pym (meta meta meta)

-Carter Cathcart (tickling the ivories)

…and m0re!…


Hosted by CATFOX (sorcering hi-literature nu-carny song)

Curated by Theresa Buchheister and Catrin Lloyd-Bollard


Thursday, October 29 | Doors at 8pm, show at 8:30pm

$7-10 sliding scale

124 Bank Street, West Village


Thank you to Edith Meeks and HB Studio!


Merriam-Webster definition of “salon”:

a fashionable assemblage of notables (as literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person.


Welcome to our home. Notables will be provided.