Rumstick Road

Sep 29, 2014

Silent Barn

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Title:Point is honored to be able to show The Wooster Group’s film of RUMSTICK ROAD at The Silent Barn.

Theresa saw it on closing night at Anthology Film Archives and immediately lamented not being able to share this beautiful, important work with everyone she knows and doesn’t know.
All writers, story tellers, performers, designers, projectionists, sound artists, DJs, VJs… humans – NEED to see this.

Here is a blurb from Anthology:
“The 1977 production of RUMSTICK ROAD has been recognized by critics and scholars as a landmark work that helped usher in a new era of experimental
Composed by Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte in response to the suicide of Gray’s mother, RUMSTICK ROAD combines Gray’s personal recorded conversations, family letters, the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, 35mm
slides, music, and dance.
LeCompte and Kobland’s reconstruction keeps faith with the original theater piece by registering, in a new composite, the texture of time and memory that
shaped the original production.
LeCompte and Kobland have worked with Wooster Group archivist Clay Hapaz to layer, juxtapose, and blend together numerous archival fragments – including U-Matic video, Super-8 film, reel-to-reel audio tapes, photographs, and slides – in order to reconstruct that lost performance. The result not only documents but embodies the unceasing innovation and vital creative freedom of The Wooster Group at their best.”