On the Sea of Tranquility

Oct 24, 2015 - Nov 07, 2015

Vital Joint

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 “On The Sea of Tranquility” Closing Party 


The Vital Joint Gallery at Silent Barn

Works by Morgan Jesse Lappin, Annie Shepard and Elaine Winter

Curated by Chrissy Reilly and Lauren Wolchik


7:30pm – Artist talk by Annie Shepard

8:00pm – Artist talk by Elaine Winter

8:30pm – Progressive sound collage by Wendy Carlos Williams


Title:Point Productions is honored to host the third exhibition in their new venue and art gallery, Vital Joint, housed in The Silent Barn. “On The Sea of Tranquility” is a group exhibition by New York-based artists Morgan Jesse Lappin, Annie Shepard and Elaine Winter, co-curated by Chrissy Reilly and Lauren Wolchik. All three artists use collage as a medium in order to create new sub-realities fostered in one’s own imagination. Hung the day after the Silent Barn experienced a fire, these reconfigurations remind us that spaces may be temporary but art is forever.


Morgan Jesse Lappin


Lappin attributes his collage work to an early encounter with a World Book Encyclopedia set his parents brought home from his Grandmothers’ house. In 2007, he started making collages to silkscreen on tee-shirts. Since then, the timely process of collecting, cutting, and cataloging images from vintage materials has become a meditative obsession in which he has a file system of over a hundred categories and thousands of precut images. Creating his own reality through these images is a thrill for him as well as the prospect of having someone else fall in love with something he created and take it home (aka buy it). Lappin is the founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective and this year is branching internationally by helping start a Collage Collective in Australia. BCC curates local and international exhibitions and this year is working on putting together a Gallery Show in the UK and a launch a book. He also makes and records his own music. (www.morganlappin.com)


Annie Shepard


Annie Shepard is Neon Mamacita: a dose of Carmen Miranda, Bunny Yaeger, and an armchair anthropologist – best taken with a stiff-Old Fashioned. Annie is a content strategist, photographer, and artist working through the noise to develop creative work that stands out. She lives in New York City, which is both her inspiration and backdrop. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Annie worked in the fashion industry at 52 Showroom and DKNY before moving into content strategy and branding with Alldayeveryday and Ideon Inc. Annie’s photography often explores the intersection between art and fashion, with a focus on social issues. She loves beautiful things, but the world isn’t always a beautiful place. Her work explores the ideal and the real by juxtaposing images and text. (www.annieshepard.com & @neonmamacita)



Elaine Winter


Elaine Winter is a post-post digital artist, working in collage and retail. Working across various Kinko’s in Brooklyn, Winter gives new life to every cut piece of paper she utilizes in her practice. Scissors act as conduit, helping the Rochester native explore gender narratives and the fluidity of human sexuality. Her work has been exhibited on Instagram. (@autostylism)