Never Odd or Even

Sep 08, 2015 - Sep 19, 2015

The Brick Theatre, Williamsburg

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Directed by Theresa Buchheister
Written by Ryan William Downey, Theresa Buchheister, Scott Ries


Ryan William Downey

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard

Justin Anselmi

Glor Klar

Sound Design by Jeff Tobia

Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman

Title:Point turn their hectic gaze toward
beginnings and endings
in the palindromic fever dream,
Never Odd or Even.

Five isolated human shapes
Pivot through time and space while
Navigating the fantastical beasts,
Dead playwrights,
Confounding mathematicians,
And earnest cowboys
They encounter and become.

Developed by residencies at
Pilot Balloon in Lawrence, Kansas and
HB Studio in New York City.

Title:Point is proud to present
Their phantasmagorical delve
Into the interiors

60 minutes

Thursday, September 10th @ 8pm
Friday, September 11th @ 8pm & 10pm*
Saturday, September 12th @ 8pm
Sunday, September 13th @ 8pm
Monday, September 14th @ 8pm
Tuesday, September 15th @ 8pm
Wednesday, September 16th @ 8pm
Thursday, September 17th @ 8pm
Friday, September 18th @ 8pm & 10pm*
Saturday, September 19th @ 8pm

*pay what you will