Mythic Figurations: A Power Triptych

Jul 31, 2008 - Aug 09, 2008

Ontological Hysteric Incubator

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mythic figurations: a power triptych is a devised piece, centered on the research of Joseph Campbell and the theatrical aesthetics of Title:Point Productions, referencing diverse influences, from classic myths to modern video games. Guy is the reluctant central figure, overseeing an efficient albeit lusterless depot where an alluring assassin receives her missions and a battle-worn has been preserves all previous glory while itching to achieve immediate relevance. The world is thrown into chaos as Guy’s personal mythology begins to take shape in her world.

With set design by Obie Award Winner Peter Ksander, lighting design by Miranda Hardy and costume design by Solace Naeymi.

Featuring Vonia Arslanian, Ilan Bachrach & Theresa Buchheister.

With management and direction by Samara Naeymi, Brendan Regimbal & Fil Vocasek.

Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman