Little Theater at Dixon Place: Curator’s Night

Jun 09, 2014

Dixon Place

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Little Theatre Vol XIV, No. 10


+RED PHONE, a Rube Goldberg Machine+

writing: Frank Boudreaux

directing: Tina Satter

performing: Pete Simpson

Ben Williams

setting: Andreea Mincic

sounding: Juan Aboites

videoing: Joey Hauk Weiss

supertitle-ing: John Henry Boudreaux


Cold War, Carpathian Mountains: frozen tundra; foreign posting; …Ronald Reagan



written by Rob Erickson

performed by Lumberob, et al.


Our treehouse was ripped out by the hurricane. We played tetherball and pickle.

We jumped thorn bushes and harassed ant lions. After these messages, we came back.



written by Jeffrey M. Jones

directed by Theresa Buchheister

with Erin Mallon, Ryan William Downey, Joey LePage & Peter Mills Weiss


What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven?

We are arrant knaves, all; believe none of us.



written and performed by Kristen Kosmas:


a little story about being punished or forgiven



by Normandy Raven Sherwood

performed by Emily Davis and Maxwell Cosmo Cramer


Concerning a monstrous transformation:

“O is monstrosity a garment that holds

Or does it merely make murdering available?”


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