JourneyPath: An Experiment in Rightness

Jul 01, 2007 - Jul 31, 2007

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In a world where all has happened before and yet all is happening for the first time… Where a man who longs for the mystery of death cannot die because death does not yet exist… where a powerful female manipulator is prone to bloody outbursts… and all four worldly inhabitants view time differently… there is a competition to achieve distinction and destruction. This is a JourneyPath.

Script and Direction Theresa Buchheister
Set Design Samara Naeymi
Lighting Design Jennifer Luck
Costume Design Theresa Buchheister
Stage Manager Brendan Regimbal
Make-Up Design Fil Vocasek
Production Photos Jennifer Luck
BG Averyn Mackey
DC Tom Picasso
1 Morgan von Prelle Pecelli
2 Justin Anselmi
3 Samara Naeymi