Indulgent Year in Review and Revue

Jan 15, 2014

Silent Barn

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Join us while we give our noblest attempt of self-fellation yet (!) via an evening of performances interpreting Title:Point’s first year of work in The Silent Barn! With two spectacular bands to follow!

We are going to spend an evening looking back on the year that was, how much older and uglier we all have become and think about the slow march of death that the movement of time dictates. WHAT FUN.

Some of our finest fiendish friends have re-worked, re-imagined and re-re’d a few of the performance pieces from our first season at The Silent Barn. WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN.


Small Claims Court performing “Salish”
with libretto by Julia Mounsey, composed and directed by Sarah Matusek, featuring Ezra Lowrey, Theo Lowrey, Michelle Siracusa, Kathryn Henderson, Colin Froeber, and Tenara Calem

Black Lodge Theater performing “Destructo Snack, USA.”
with Alex Siladi, Shane Jensen, and Sonia Oleniak.

Andrew J. Scoville performing “Assassination of Julius Caesar” with Dave Tennet and Kate Freer.

Fil Vocasek performing “Demonologue”.

Grandma member Peter Mills Weiss performing “GROW UP: BE FOOD” based on “Human Fails At Speaking”.

and Title:Point looks forward with an excerpt from our new work in progress: “Never Odd or Even.”