Gradient Haircuts: Going Down On Humanity

Feb 05, 2012 - Feb 04, 2012

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

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People relate to each other and the public on the three floors of The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.  Gradient Haircuts follows 20-plus PeopleCharacters and a chicken from the first floor (full of mundane interactions and a symphony of overheardness) to the first basement (full of absurd vignettes about our insides) to the sub-basement (full of insides exploding via slug sex, Gainsbourg homage, frightening dances, overt creepiness and pitch blackness).


Jean Goto

Blake Bishton

Marlowe Holden

Mara Lileas

Lizzie Steelheart

Amy Virginia Buchanan

Ryan William Downey

Justin Anselmi

Janet Summerfelt

Glenn Bassett

E. James Ford

Evgeniya Radilova

Alex Haynes

Megan Shea

Conrad Rothbaum

Nick Robideau

Brady Blevins

Tom Picasso

Fil Vocasek

Theresa Buchheister

Charlotte Horton

 Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman