Fog Bog Volume 1

Jun 26, 2016

Vital Joint

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Title:Point is proud to present Fog Bog: Volume 1.

A new, misty, psychedelic, experimental music series curated by Ryan William Downey.


Featuring Live Sets by


Isn’t Ours

Heady, propulsive, ambient, techno from Mike Sheffield of Heaven’s Gate.


Heidi Sabertooth

Brooklyn-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, currently exploring solo and collaborative sample-based avant electronics.


Dave Kadden and Ryan Soper

A new duo featuring oboe/keyboardist Kadden (Chat Logs, Invisible Circle, Oneida) and modular synth wiz Soper, who recently put out this blistering track with Greg Fox.


Visuals provided by Wendy Carlos Williams

DJ Spineless Chickenshit



While at the show stop by and visit two fantastic vendors who will be joining us:


Nothing Matters NY

Pan-African, political, and pop culture embroidery by Dennis Thomas.


Paperclip Pottery

Mia Schachter makes stuff with her hands out of mud, water, and fire.


@ Vital Joint

inside The Silent Barn

603 Bushwick Ave

Doors 830

Show 9pm


*fog and strobe lights will be used in this performance