Field 309

Sep 23, 2010 - Oct 02, 2010

Ontological Incubator Residency

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Staring with wide dry eyes into the enticing spiral of the mundane, listening as if at the end of a tunnel, you keep working.  A sticky wade through absurdity, haunted by loss, failure, and fear.

It is a comedy.

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Written and Directed by Theresa Buchheister
Animations by Michael Senften (
Designs by Jennifer Stimple and Monica Wille
Assistant Direction by Adam Burnett and Evgeniya Radilova

Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman


Justin Anselmi, Nathan Atkinson, Dale Buchheiser, Ryan Downey, Kate Hurley, Scott Johnson, Averyn Mackey, Jeff Randall Rose, Jenny Selig, Jay Smith, T. Ryder Smith

Title:Point is happy to bring FIELD 309 to the stage, after 2 years of development with support from the Mental Insight Foundation and the Puffin Foundation.