Edy and Brian Zine Show

Sep 16, 2016

The Glove

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(s)Laughter House presents EDY AND BRIAN ZINE SHOW!!!!

Edy and Brian both got new ZINES and we are hosting a bash to release them!!! OH FOCK!!!!!

BRIAN is selling “Mr. Cigert”:
“Mr. Cigert” is a 28-page comic book that tells the story of a hardworking man who does his best to entertain a special guest. Made in Photoshop & MS Paint.

EDY is selling “Froggy” and Dump”:
froggy is a handmade book about a frogs realization of the true hell it is to be man! dump is a few months worth of sketchbook doodles by a horny b*tch!!!!!!!!!

Featuring some of oURr PERSOnal favorite comedians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Wittert
Eliza Hurwitz
Tynan DeLong
Shalewa Sharpe
Travis Swinford & Drew Price
Patti Harrison
Matt DeCaro

come and check out zines and hold our hands and sing songs under the gaze of the LORD!!!!!!

The Glove – 885 Lexington Ave, New York, 11221