Destructo Snack USA

Sep 13, 2013 - Sep 15, 2013

Silent Barn

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“Destructo Snack, U.S.A. is a performance in which a variety of behaviors—especially archetypal behavior; gender archetypes in particular—are demonstrated, explored, interrogated, and sometimes deconstructed…If you’re looking for a simple, passive experience, Destructo Snack, U.S.A. is probably not for you. But maybe it ought to be.”

Two (wo)men!
A pound of bologna!
A pair of handcuffs!
Two fishbowls!
Incredible feats of embarrassment!

Co-written by and Co-starring
Theresa “Hoghands” Buchheister
and Sarah “Ladyknees” Graalman

Directed by Ryan William Downey
Design: Scott William Ries
SM/AD: Denise William Dumper

Make-up Design by Sarah Graalman

Doors: 7:40
Show: 8
CSAA Gallery at The Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave.

Seating for Destructo Snack, USA is limited. To ensure yourself a seat, we encourage you to make a reservation via with name and number of seats.