Destructo Snack USA

Jun 01, 2012 - Jun 30, 2012

Ontological Incubator Residency

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Destructo Snack, USA implodes the notion of identity and our predetermined roles as people who lie and who tell the truth to everyone. Theresa Buchheister and Sarah Graalman engage their distinctively dissimilar voices as contemporary playwright and personal essayist to examine the way we treat each other, how we present ourselves, where communication fails, and why it is worthwhile, in the end, to give a fuck.


Sarah Graalman

Theres Buchheister


Adam Burnett

Set/Lighting Design:

Nick Kostner

Associate Lighting Design/Stage Manager:

Ann Sitzman

Production Team:

Amy Virginia Buchanan

Adam Burnett

Poster Design:

Fil Vocasek

Make-up Design:
Sarah Graalman