Cambridge Literary Review

Feb 12, 2014

Silent Barn

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‘In the event of unforeseen parachute release, proceed with extreme caution.’

-Title:Point is honored to host an evening of theatre, prose and music to celebrate the American launch of The Cambridge Literary Review (vol. iv, no. 7) at The Silent Barn on Feb 12th, 2014.

-The Cambridge Literary Review is an occasional journal of poetry, short fiction, prose, essays and criticism. It is edited by Lydia Wilson, Rosie Šnajdr and Jeremy Noel-Tod.

-There will be issues available for purchase!

-Title:Point will be performing ‘In a Word, Faust’ by Ish Klein, from the issue. It is an inspired take on the Faust legend reducing each line of the play to just one word.

Peter Mills Weiss
Sam Mickens
Stephen Johnson
Samara Naeymi
Spencer Campbell
Simon Hanes
Denise Dumper
Cali Gilman
Jean Goto
Ryan William Downey
Michael Howell

-The Role of Objects is to Restore Silence-

A kaleidoscopic Title Point experience of some of the text from issue. Presented with the assistance of the Ganzfeld effect, a phenomenon of perception caused by exposure to an unstructured, uniform stimulation field. You’ll see. Oh, you’ll see.

-BRAT PIT- present their singular brand of immersive noise and video destruction.

Sam Mickens as Master of Hell and Poems and everything else.

Video Daughters bring their grungy no-wave heat.
Benjamin Shepherd performs a set of music inspired by the issue.

New Firmament- Nick Podgurski’s ambient synth projects restore your faith in the abyss.

-Featured in this Issue of CLR-

David Wheatley, Drew Milne, Jesse Drury, Vahni Capildeo, Jeff Hilson.

Ish Klein, ‘In a word, FAUST’

Jennifer Thorp, two segments from the novel ‘The Traitor’s Symphony’

Ian Holding, ‘The Black Suit’

James R. Martin, ‘On Misunderstanding W.G. Sebald’

Mikhal Dekel, ‘Erasing Race: The Redemptive National Narrative of S.Y. Agnon’

Rosie Šnajdr on Sandeep Parmar (ed.), ‘Hope Mirrlees Collected Poems’

Robert Kiely on Will Rowe, Redell Olsen, David Wheatley, Cathy Wagner, Justin Katko, Ollie Evans

Raymond Geuss, ‘Lucretius in Luxor’