SalON!: A Punch to the Gut

Mar 26, 2015

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This Title:Point SalON is lined with hitters so heavy, we’re all gonna be bleeding internally eternally. A delectable smorgasbord of arts and minds, mingling in space and time to stimulate all your senses and nonsenses.

Alaina Stamatis (cumedian poetessence)
Lumberob (manic-obsessive-language-looper)
Esther Neff (Panoply Performance Lab)
Rene Kladzyk (Ziemba |
Eliza Bent (Still Flushing: An excerpt from Toilet Time with Eliza Bent)
Wendy Carl0s Williams (
MadMenoftheMountain (excerpts from a NoVacation –
Tim Platt (good jokes)
Shelley Carter (is a bit of a troll)
Peter Mills Weiss (truth telling salon savant)

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