What the F*ck is Womanhood?!: Venn Diagram Party

Jul 17, 2017

Vital Joint

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After this last meet-up, we decided to keep this conversation going.
We decided, there is great value to sitting down to talk in order to talk (no other cause to be there, thus the ability to actually talk), with safety and freedom.
We opted for “first Monday of each month”.

History and other details below:

Emilyn proposed a question to FB:
“Can you do me a favor and answer this question —
(I value ALL perspectives and don’t think there’s a right answer to this question)
What does “womanhood” mean to you?”

Theresa said (short version):
Venn Diagram.

Comments, emails and calendaring later, we present this idea for gathering together and gathering thoughts:

Do you love lists?
Do you love Venn Diagrams?
Do you have experiences, constructs, notions, ideas that create your sense of self as a woman?
Do you want to see where they overlap with other women and where they don’t without feeling the need to change a thing about the overlap or nonoverlap?
Can we use Venn Diagrams to help us look at the complexity of our collective experiences?
And talk to one another?
And hear each other?

Join us.
Vital Joint – 109 Meserole Street