symmetry breaking*

Sep 23, 2017

Vital Joint

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symmetry breaking*:

hi. i put together an afternoon show of dance, poetry, video, and music with the hopes that folks might see a different thing than they’re used to, all while we get to spend some time together.

it is also my birthday, and for my birthday i will have a thing out to collect donations for the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network.

—— stevie

sarah snider – identity and heritage centered ambient improvised sound palette experiments –

stevie may – clarinet as a magical sound machine, deep listening, wave worship, and deep love for the cold clear waters of glacial runoff and the greenland sea –

susan karabush aka ‘dj trampstamp’ presents KaraokeBody live via TampCam™ –

joey kipp – dance excellence

shireen ahmed – such poetry

Vital Joint
109 Meserole Street
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*symmetry breaking is intentionally a bit ambiguous, but it all has to do with emmy noether’s theorem. we can talk about that more at the show, if you’d like.