New Firmament Presents: NF #6

Jan 10, 2017

Vital Joint

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New Firmament Presents: NF #6

***Firstly, let’s see what making Vital Joint a “No Phones Area” feels like. This means everyone entering VJ for the performance will be asked politely to turn off (not just silence) all phones/internet devices and to keep them out of view for the duration. This way we can see how it feels to build and live in an experience unintruded upon by the outside world for a few hours. Alive in the heart of foundation.***

Unique and fluid as only Chuck Stern (Time of Orchids) can create. Chuck will perform solo and will preview music from the upcoming Stern release. The spirit of Stern’s notoriously developed and singular demos tailored for solo performance. It is our recommendation that you take this opportunity to experience it.


New music for harp guitar and trumpet, possibly flute

+ DJ’s TBA

830pm DOORS