New Firmament Presents: NF #5

Dec 16, 2016

Vital Joint

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New Firmament Presents NF #5

***Firstly, lets see what making Vital Joint a “No Phones Area” feels like. This means everyone entering VJ for the performance will be asked politely to turn off (not just silence) all phones/internet devices and to keep them out of view for the duration. This way we can see how it feels to build and live in an experience unintruded upon by the outside world for a few hours. Alive in the heart of foundation.***

Ben Tripp is a poet/musician who has also written critically about poetry, music, books & etc. for the Brooklyn Rail and HTML Giant online. He received a Pushcart nomination last year for some short stories, and plays music currently as “Moderns”.

Eliane Gazzard – scents and sounds


+ DJ “Sets” from:
René Kladzyk & Charlie Looker