New Firmament Presents NF #1

Jan 28, 2016

Vital Joint

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***Firstly, lets see what making Vital Joint a “No Phones Area” feels like. This means everyone entering VJ for the performance will be asked politely to turn off (not just silence) all phones/internet devices and to keep them out of view for the duration. This way we can see how it feels to build and live in an experience unintruded upon by the outside world for a few hours.***




New Firmament Presents: NF #1


The music of Sam Davis and John Ehrens is firm-voiced and chameleonic spanning the gaps from Chic to Rundgren, Orcutt to Pentangle. They are brought into balance by compelling triad of improvisors Ancient Enemies (Carlo Costa, Joanna Mattrey, and Nathaniel Morgan.) Diverse and brilliant in their own right as bassists, the handpicked pair of John Deblase (Zevious, Sabbath Assembly) and Tony Gedrich (Iconchasm, Stats, Extra Life) will collaborate duo embracing newness and illuminating lesser known sides of their musical character as “DJ’s” for the evening.





Carlo Costa – percussion

Joanna Mattrey – viola

Nathaniel Morgan – alto saxophone





John Deblase (electronics/bass)

Tony Gedrich (electronics/bass)


at Vital Joint

inside The Silent Barn

in association with Title:Point

603 Bushwick Ave