Matt Robidoux, Josh Burkett, Lutkie, Painted Faces

Aug 01, 2017

Vital Joint

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Matt Robidoux

Matt Robidoux is a wizard. He’s moving to Oakland after this tour, this will be the last NYC gig for a while. See it. I’ll let him fill in the rest. With video accompaniment.

Joshua Burkett

Joshua Burkett is a psych folk/avant legend. Celebrated by all the greats. See him rip a set at legendary Vital Joint. Will let Matt fill this out further.


Lutkie is a homie/zoned out shredder-ripper. Also jams in Weeping Icon.

Painted Faces

Painted Faces is a strange cat with a new LP dropping around this time and then hitting the west coast at the end of August. Subdued/less “party” freak vibes for this ripper.

This will be a very intimate show. ****** encouraged but keep on downlow. Psych vibes.

Vital Joint
109 Meserols Street