Larkin Grimm, Ben Seretan, Benjamin Shepherd and Repelican at Vital Joint

Nov 19, 2016

Vital Joint

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Larkin Grimm
is an NYC based composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who bridges the worlds of folk, rock – n – roll, noise, and free jazz. She was born in a commune in Memphis, Tennessee and studied sculpture at Yale University. Music is invisible sculpture.
Ben Seretan
If heaven exists, Ben Seretan wants to find it with delay pedals and join the chorus of angels. Long, swirling clouds of tones met with cascading waterfall plucks of electric guitar joined together by a honeyed singing voice and a deep appreciation of tenderness. At times fearfully, ecstatically joyful, at other times whispering drowsily into the coffee cup of your ear.
Repelican is the nom-de-mic of what some might call polymath songwriter Jon Ehrens. This project, which varies in style depending on his particular emotional state, dates back to 2001. In 2016, Repelican has 3 releases – the full-lengths “Half Spasms” and “Slack in the Tendon,” and most recently, the EP “The Repelicans.” Live, Repelican takes a number of forms, from a rotating band to solo performances. Ehrens was also the founding member of both The Art Department and White Life, and was the producer and co-writer with Jenn Wasner for Dungeonesse.
Ben Shepherd
hails from Virginia, descending from a long line of country ne’er-do wells and glass eating raconteurs. He writes songs about getting too drunk to stand up, prefers poets dead, and once had a piece of a Bud Light bottle stuck in his shoulder for 5 years before he pulled it out during an intense, tho rare, shower.
Vital Joint
109 Meserole St
Brooklyn, NY