HoneyChrome, Spooky & the Bear, Maya Lo

Jul 29, 2017

Vital Joint

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“Chad’s music defies conventional structure in a way that feels organic to him,” said Imogen Olsen, an acquaintance of Chad’s that he met at a social event in Brooklyn. “Rhymes, alliterations, and homophones drop in unexpected patterns, energy levels change frantically, the tone of a song can turn from introspective to charismatic on a dime, and it’s all held together by this unique exuberance that can only be authentic Honeychrome.” (Imogen Olsen / Maya Chung)

Spooky And The Bear
Spooky and the Bear is a NYC/Brooklyn based
duo band composed of Marco Dianese and Nina Varner. Marco, aka MD-Bear, is a Venetian born beat-master, DJ and composer. Nina, aka Spooky Electric, is a Texas native artist, keyboardist and vocalist. Each have made music independently, collaborated
with various other musicians, bands and artists, but as a duo flex their strength with their dark-synth, ambient, and electro with a twist of pop tunes.

Maya Lo